Bento Tip: Making Cucumber Cups

If you’d like to make the cute cucumber cups found in Bento #58, here are the directions. These cucumbers make a great little edible side dish container for your bento box, especially if you’re trying to create a bento without proper supplies.
Start off by selecting a cucumber that is reasonably thick. The cucumbers I used came from my garden and were about two inches across. They also had a nice squarish shape to them that worked well for tucking them into the corners of my bento box.
After you’ve measured and cut a piece of cucumber to fit in your bento, take a spoon and carefully scoop out the seeds to create a hollow space in the cucumber. You’ll want to be careful not to punch all the way through the bottom, so that your filling doesn’t leak out the bottom. If you want, you can scoop away some of the flesh of the cucumber as well to create a wider well.
You can see my finished cucumber cup in the image to the left. I’ve scooped out enough of the center and the flesh to leave space for about two tablespoons of filling. These work really well for things like egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, etc… but they also work really well for cream cheese based dips. In this case, I’m going to fill it up with tuna salad, but if I was working with a smaller, bite-size cucumber, I’d likely fill it up with some dip.
If you’re using these as general appetizers, you can fill them up as much as you’d like, but if you’re putting them in bento boxes, make sure to consider the height of your box when you fill them up. I made this filled cucumber for a bento that had a pretty tall lid with plenty of head space, so it was no problem to fill the cucumber up with a nice heaping mound of tuna salad. For a smaller box, I’d either need to go lighter on the filling, or cut the cucumber shorter.

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