Banana Putifresh Bento Sets for Sale

This fruits-luscious banana bento set, full of yellowy brightness, is sure to get some smiles of happiness! The top reads “putifresh lube sheep. Happy fruits is very delicious. I will eat this and will become fortunate all together!”

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Banana Putifresh Bento Set

Set includes:

One single-tiered bento with snap-top lid for keeping liquidy contents inside. Can hold up to 480 ml. If you’re going to microwave it, make sure to take the lid off first, and don’t heat up any oily foods in it. Does not seal completely so always keep upright.

Banana Putifresh Bento Set

One double-tiered bento with snap-top lid for safety. The top tier can hold up to 300 ml, and the bottom can hold up to 260 ml. Follow the microwave directions above, and make sure to take off both lids first. Does not seal completely so always keep upright.

Banana Putifresh Bento Set

Banana Putifresh Bento Set
One yellow and white striped bag to hold your bentos.

White fork, spoon, and chopsticks set in its own clear box.

Banana Putifresh Bento Set

One set of green plastic accessory grass (150 total).

Four reusable silicone cups (one orange, two yellow, and one greenish-yellow). Oven and microwave safe. Be careful when using it to hold oily food as it can leave a smell in the cups.

One set of colored animal sauce bottles with a suction implement for sucking up the sauce and inserting it into the bottles. Can hold up to 12.5 ml, 13 ml, 11 ml, and 6 ml. Best for thin sauces such as soy sauce.

Banana Putifresh Bento Set

Do not use abrasives when washing any of the items in the set. Most Japanese households do not have dishwashers, so the instructions do not mention whether this is dishwasher-safe or not. I would handwash it. Also, obviously because these items are all plastic, do not get near an oven, grill, or open flame (unless stated otherwise above).

Have a blast, and go bananas for Putifresh cuteness! Jennifer sure does! :)

This was a popular set, but unfortunately it’s not available anymore. More new sets are available all the time, and if you’d like to be alerted as soon as I get new sets in, email me at to be on our bento red-alert mailing list. I promise I won’t sell or share your email address.

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